Mortgage Brokers are the future of the residential origination business. They are the best option for a borrower to get a mortgage, the best partner for a Real Estate Agent, and broker shops are the best place for a Loan Originator to work. With those three things in mind, you’d have to wonder why everybody isn’t getting a mortgage through a Mortgage Broker. It wasn’t long ago that most people did. In 2006, more than half of borrowers looking to refinance or purchase a home went through wholesale Mortgage Brokers. But after the mortgage crisis, everything changed. Big lenders that had a voice tried to blame Brokers, who then fell to less than 10 percent market share. Even as Mortgage Brokers started to make a comeback in recent years, the doubters thought they would fail. But here’s the thing—all of the changes within the mortgage industry post-crisis were designed to help consumers. And what’s best for consumers? Mortgage Brokers. The changes made by the CFPB actually helped Mortgage Brokers succeed and differentiate themselves. Still, the doubters said Brokers can’t compete: “They can’t handle compliance, they don’t have the technology, and they don’t have the marketing capabilities.” But the doubters didn’t bet on lenders supporting Mortgage Brokers with compliance, IT, marketing and technology. With those resources in place, there has never been a better time for Loan Originators to make the switch from retail to wholesale.